Monday, December 05, 2016


People who know me realize that I rely on the BBC for both news and entertainment. And this year, because of the batsh*t crazy things one candidate has said, there has been a substantial overlap of those two categories. Nah, shan't bore y'all with a long disquisition on how unsuitable the tweeting mad carrot is for the job, I'll leave that to the experts.
Historians and psycho-analysts, four years from now.
When the red states have become poorer.
As well as toxic waste dumps.
Good luck.

However, in the "too much information" department ...


"Women and men who regularly trim or remove all their pubic hair run a greater risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) than those who do not, research suggests."
End cite.

[Above and subsequent quotes lifted from BBC - Pubic hair grooming STI risk.]

" ... groomers - particularly extreme ones - tend to be more sexually active too."
End cite.

"The report, led by doctors from the University of California, San Francisco ... "
End cite.

Doctors from UCSF. Because in this city, nothing says fascinating research like America's pubic habits.

Honestly, I don't know how to digest this data. Before, I had thought that the only reason for trimming hair down there was if it was long enough to braid and formed an unsightly bulge rather like a pannus that drew unfavourable attention and caused comment.

Or maybe you were going in for genital surgery soon, and didn't want to startle the nursing staff?

You need not worry; they'll shave you.

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Anonymous said...

Posting about women's pubic hair??

You pervert.

While you were misspending your youth in the Netherlands smoking Borkum Riff and buggering barnyard animals, I wasted my salad days in England drinking Watney's Red Barrel and singing rugby songs like the Mayor of Bayswater which you may enjoy here:

So there. I was more debased and debauched than you.


The back of the hill said...

That song is educational. I think I'll play it at work one of these days.

Should give the boys in the lounge something to chew on.

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