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Barbershop fries ('frietje kapsalon') are French fries topped with grilled meat, melted cheese, and chopped dressed salad materials, served with garlic sauce and sambal. This mess on a plate was invented over a decade ago by a hair dresser who would regularly call his local fry-bar and tell them to just dump it all together, he was in hurry, and he'd be by to pick it up as soon as he finished cutting the head he was working on.

You can also add mayo.

No, don't look so snooty. It's basically very similar to a cheese steak with fries and a side salad. If fastfooderies in the city of brotherly love actually served salad. It's precisely what you need on a cold night, or after an evening jog.

Hot French fries. Grilled savoury meat sliced thin. Melted cheese. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber. Meat juices. Garlic sauce. Mayonnaise. Chili-paste.

As Eddy Couwenberg of Snackbar Kwalitaria in Breda probably believes, it's the breakfast of champions. Or it should be. He suggests you start your morning with an entire meter of it.

All hot and delicious.

The caption on the Facebook entry which shows the two servings side by side is "je kan de week natuurlijk ook beginning met een metertje kapsalon" (naturally you could also start the week with a meter of 'kapsalon').
Monday breakfast, just before you go in to the office.
It will make your next seven days beautiful.

To me it looks totes delicious.



Optional changes I might suggest: A thick drizzle of Portuguese sauce, one or two freshly fried rashers of apple wood smoked bacon, one or two slices of grilled pineapple (fresh OR canned), lots of sliced jalapeños en escabeche, a sploodge of hot satay sauce, and sliced avocado.
Perhaps even the mushroom cream sauce from Quiznos.

Heck, all of it. Added on top.

And a huge 16 ounce mug of steaming Hong Kong style milk-tea (港式奶茶 'gong sik naai-chaa') to keep you awake. Made strong, with lots of evaporated milk. But that's just a personal feeling.
Not, strictly speaking, Dutch.

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