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Saturday, September 03, 2016


Despite the worried prediction of another person on Facebook, who said "soon you'll have almost no friends, the way you're going", I have more people on Facebook than two years ago. At the time I was rigorously weeding out folks with whom I disagreed. Which process started well before then, and continues to the present.


Two years ago I weeded out both the anti-Israel asshats as well as the anti-Arab racists as they lost control of their senses. More have since been outed, and eliminated.
One of the people I got rid of would post any item that cast the Arabs in a bad light, no matter how unbelievable. He never checked sources, and failed to understand that spreading lies for a good cause was never the less spreading lies.
Another one took every opportunity to exaggerate the difference between the poor oppressed little Pallies, and the big brutish Israelis. Out.
Others showed no sympathy for casualties on whichever side they opposed.

Recently it has been the All Lives Matter folks, the immigrant bashers, and the Trumpelstilskins.

Yes, Facebook is turning into a personal echo-chamber.

It does not take all kinds; not every voice is valid.

Some people are stupid, or too wrong, to bother with.

There are still one or two Jesus-heads, and a couple of Jill Stein supporters. As well as a very mild Republican or two. I'll happily tolerate them, because while they are disappointingly delusional about one thing, they're okay on several others, and they don't offend the other residents.
Eventually they'll come to their senses.

Others who get the short end of my shrift are anti-vaxxers, believers in new age religions and philosophies, vegans, anti-gmo activists, gluten-phobes, conspiracy theorists, people who paste links to the Jerusalem Post (especially to articles by that bitch Caroline Glick), and anybody who approves of essays by Pamela Geller or Debbie Schlussel.


Liberals only, please. That pretty much means reasonably educated, and greater than average intelligence; those that lack in formal education more than make up for it by character and brains.

[In other words, not liberals by rote, but by reason.]

Life is too short to drink Starbucks, or waste any time arguing with pyschopaths. I just don't have that kind of patience anymore.

[Sorry for the Calvinistic praedestinatory reference; it is meant humorously.]

People who stand NO CHANCE of ever being unfriended are Set ElemXXX, Spiros HiXXX, Maya ChaXXX, Tim LieXXX, Mordechai LuchXXX, Stephen BelXXX, Timothy CarmXXX, Mar 'Marmalade', and Siddharta the Rabbit Freak. Six real world friends, three virtual.
There are others, of course, but these people keep me sane.
It is because of them that I remain centered.
I'm grateful; thanks guys.

Man is known by the company he keeps.

In order: a severe rationalist with her heart and her head in the right place, a sarcastic humanist book seller, a snarky Parsee liberal of semi-impeccable tastes, a screaming liberal literary person, a geek dad with keen sense of ethics, a young rabbi with a goofy sense of humour and a linguistic bent, a calming influence who does the strange thing, a really likable dude who also speaks Dutch, and a brainiac Bengali with perspective severely hampered by rabbits.

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