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Thursday, November 08, 2012


Two days ago Americans rejected a narrow-minded and mean-spirited view of the country, albeit by only a very slim majority. Predictably those parts of the country that have embraced the modern era voted Democrat, while the interior and southern crotch asserted an almost stone-age sensibility.


To a large extent, Republican voters represent a weltanschauung that is white, ignorant, and male.
Yes, there are women in their world..... one suspects that their lives are nasty, brutish, and short.
Or at least filled with men who are nasty, brutish, and short.

Quote: "But the Republicans don’t have a Hispanic problem. They have an America problem, a country that is growing more diverse and, on a wide range of issues, shows a sensible moderation and social tolerance far out of step with radio ranting and Tea Party rigidity. It wasn’t just Hispanics who heartily rejected Republicans on Tuesday. It also was African-Americans, Asian-Americans, young people and, to perhaps the greatest effect, women." End quote.


Both Romney and Obama have urged reconciliation.
This blogger does not have an appetite for that.

Venomously dishonest attacks on the president, on the democratic party, and on reasonably nuanced points of view, continued for four years.
Rabid right-wing pundits soured the discourse, possibly beyond any salvation; whether compromise & bi-partisanship in the coming years can be possible is very uncertain.

If the hate-filled ranting rightwing scum responsible for much of the bile continue their bloviating, the divide can only grow.
Which may be exactly what they want.

It is high time that the Republican rank and file disavow the extremists.
Though I fear that that may be the majority of the G.O.P.
Certainly most of their loudmouths.

It's probably a religious thing.

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