Monday, December 12, 2016


In all honesty I must confess that I hate festive music. Most particularly Christmas music, which is nauseating and loathsome, and can only appeal to simple minded souls. So you can imagine my delight when, mixed in with the sappy appropriate music for the season being played for my displeasure on a satelite radio station, I heard Halleluiah by Leonard Cohen. Okay. Bathsheba is the new Christmas fairy. Cool.
I can dig it.

It's about royal sex, daddy-o.

In keeping with the wealth of sparkly ideas to which that opens doors, I should like to propose a new Christmas theatrical number to entertain children of all ages: The Amours of Henry the Eighth - on ice.

Why, it will be huge, it will enormous, it will be an extra vaganza!

Kiddie-winkies will come back from the show singing!

With better knowledge of history!

Parents too.

Instead of yet another apathetic performance of The Nutcracker, go see Henry VIII. Make Christmas different this year.

Take the family.

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