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Monday, June 04, 2018


It may surprise you, but I am a complete "realist". Which is why twenty percent of the profit goes to the schools. No, it isn't a cigarette; we call it a "papaveresse". Caramel vanilla clove flavour, with caffeine (for alertness), nicotine (short term memory and cerebral function), taurine (whatever), and morphine. Because it's all about the precious infants, their attention span, and their academic performance.

But really, it is all about the children. A year ago, it was because of youth, minorities, and the LGBTQ community. But now, kiddiewinkies. It helps them perform academically, while calming the little f*ckers down.


This fine product was made in the Amazon Rainforest by little green men who recycle and hug dolphins!

Caffeine, "NO-citine", papaverotinic goodness, and candy flavours, for sheer childlike beneficiality. Feel free to operate heavy equipment, or mega-burst weaponry, while utilizing this product. Remember, twenty percent. The pay-off to well connected friends of Jeff Sessions and the gubmint is an overhead. Some rich white bitch is earning half a million a year plus overseeing the programme (children!) while having cocktails with Republicans.

It's green, gluten-free, and ecological.

Save the planet!

This Tuesday San Francisco votes to ban all flavoured tobacco products. Pot is perfectly okay, and the homeless are defecating in public. Please don't ask me what I witnessed Saturday night just before twelve midnight on Polk Street between two parked cars, I did not know that that was even doable, but the open sores on his hips, glutei, and lower stomach are healing, because this is San Francisco and London Breed, man, London Breed!

She's got great teeth. They're perfect.

Please vote.

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