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Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Under an essay I wrote this past Sunday (about English bad habits, here), someone posted the following comment: "England: It's like San Francisco with better food."

The only food even mentioned in that essay was 'Bubble and Squeak'. Which is basically refried beans, made without beans but substituting cooked potato and cabbage. A very English public school delicacy.

It is the quintessential British food.
Practically a national dish.

"England: It's like San Francisco with better food."

A discussion yesterday involved cioppino, about which several participants had strong and differing opinions. I am awfully tempted to say that cioppino is similar to bubble and squeak or refried beans in some ways.
But really, it isn't. It is quite edible.

The only possible intersections are the grease used in the preparation (lard or olive oil both work), as well as the bottle of hotsauce on the table.
And the suitability of the dish for breakfast.

Adding bacon is a tempting heresy.

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