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Tuesday, June 05, 2018


When is a good time for a Nicaraguan? People ask me this all the time. "Uncle Stinky Dutchman," they will say, "when is a good time for a Nicaraguan?" And I enjoy giving them an honest answer, because I have thought deeply about the issue. The best time for a Nicaraguan is mid-morning, around nine or ten o'clock, when you are having coffee before going out to vote for anyone else but London Breed as mayor of San Francisco. Mark Leno or Jane Kim, for instance. By doing so you will piss off the real estate interests and the big tech companies who want to maximize their assets by destroying what makes San Francisco truly San Francisco.

San Francisco could do far worse than Mark Leno.
Jane Kim is not really my first choice.
Breed and Alioto not at all.

The key here is that your apartment mate is out of the house, the windows are wide open for ventilation, and her door is firmly shut, because the dear lady does not like the smell of cigars.

Trust me on this. Uncle Stinky Dutchman knows.

This particular Nicaraguan is a toro (six inches long, with a 52 ring gauge), a dark wrapper leaf, and despite the body it is mild. Not as good as the My Father or the Oliva Melanio Series V from a few days ago.
Still, it pairs nicely with coffee.
Strong coffee.

I wish I could tell you who made this cigar, but I cut it and put it aside to smoke yesterday, and seem to have misplaced the band. The appealing wrapper leaf appears to be a corojo.

Pipes later.

Milk tea.
Day off.

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