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Friday, June 15, 2018


There have been violent protests in Vietnam against economic zones and proposed leases to Chinese companies. Yes, some of those protests have been distinctly tinged with racialist anti-Chinese sentiment.

Vietnam has a long history of fighting Chinese invasion and control.

The country also sent a very large portion of its Chinese population into the sea in rickety vessels, where they were attacked by Thai pirates.
Those were the boat people.

I am neither Vietnamese nor Chinese.

Phở, cà phê sữa đá, bánh mì, and bún thịt nướng, are all utterly marvelous.
Still, we know what they are and how to make them now, so realistically speaking we have no more use for the Vietnamese.
None whatsoever.

[ 越南河粉,越南冰咖啡,越式三明治,串燒豬肉米粉。]

I hope the Vietnamese realize that nước mắm now comes from many other places, and that in fact there were already many other fish sauces.

Yü lou (魚露) is native to the entire South China coast.

Fish sauces have been traditionally manufactured all the way from Zhejiang to Kuala Lumpur and beyond, and even in Post-War Holland, well before any Viet exile presence.

I have Viet-style fish sauce made by a company in Hong Kong founded by expellees, as well as Sino-Thai fish sauce made for export, in my kitchen.

The Vietnamese I know here in San Francisco are all pissy and racist.
Kinda like Filipinos, but more ingratiatingly smirky.
They're very "polished" people.

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