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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Yesterday morning, within mere minutes of cruising onto the internet with my first cup of coffee, I was in a foul mood, convinced that Texas, Hungary, and the Republican Party were all big festering boils, or perhaps eruptive sebaceous cysts on the perineum of the universe infecting the surrounding tissues with toxic material, causing inflammation and immense pain.

[Key words: "golf ball sized".]

I remain convinced that the only decent man in Texas is Pipestud.
Because I know the dude has a wicked sense of humour.
As well as a sterling reputation.

Hungary has no such saving grace.

Today I will largely stay off the internet. Instead, I will be at work, dealing with prosperous Trump-supporting fossils howling in the back room.

I never bring my gun to work.

It would be bad.

By the way: Nicki Haley and Mike Pompeo are dumbasses.
I just thought y'all should know that.
There's another word.

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