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Friday, June 08, 2018


So as it turns out, pipesmokers are remarkable curiosities, and damned well sehenswürdigkeiten von großem ausmaß. Beachtlich. Or sumpin'. This is the only conclusion one can draw from the episode the other night, when a woman took one look at me and my pipe and started screaming that me and my pipe were fabulous. Absolutely fabulous! OMG!

Well, the pipe is indeed fabulous. A sterling military mount Peterson billiard of great age, but very decent condition, and an excellent smoke.
Shape 106.

And yes, the term OMG is apposite.
It's a lovely pipe.

She really must have meant the pipe. Because the smoker is not nearly so exclaim-worthy. Although he does think he looks rather dashing with that pipe clenched between his teeth. Though alas, hardly OMG.

If she had established physical contact, I would have yelped.
I am easily disturbed.

Seeing a pipesmoker (with a fabulous pipe) was probably the capstone of her evening, especially after the basketball game and her burger and fries.
A walking talking antique, by gum.
This way to the egress.


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  • At 11:33 AM, Anonymous gallically amphibious said…

    You do have a certain je ne sais quoi about you when smoking a pipe.


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