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Sunday, June 10, 2018


Per reliable reports, chairman Kim's first meal in Singapore will be Hainan Chicken. Which is a splendid representation of the southern Chinese talent for mix and meld, as the ideal condiment is sambal. Freshly made sambal. With a splash of skimmed fat from the top of the stock to make it unctuous.

Donald Trump, of course, is having McDonalds flown in on an army transport. Not because, as the urban folklore holds, he is scared of being poisoned, but instead because he thinks they named the chain after him.
Oh, and he has no culinary imagination.

From a bartender friend's Facebook page: "If Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump were both drowning and you could only save one... where would you take Justin for lunch afterwords?"

Thanks, David D.
I would credit your entire name, but then the Christians would know who you are. And today's Christians do more than pray for your salvation, they shoot schoolchildren and piss on their graves.

Still, it's a good question. Obviously one saves the more useful world leader, but Trump floats. So you'd need a boat hook to push him under.

After saving Justin, dump chum into the water.

Just to be sure.

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