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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


All in all, despite the idiocy of other people, it was a very good evening.
Desirous of one last bowlful of tobacco, I headed over to a friendly public house for a whisky and a pipe. During my brief time inside before going out to smoke, I fear I offended the young lady with the bold curves and a lovely hat next to me by not paying her the attention she deserved -- not my type, and I had overheard her in conversation with another person, so I assumed that she and myself would have little in common -- and I do not go to bars for female company. She stalked off when I came back in.
Leaving space for a hipster, who wished to talk about the local team.
I gently explained that sports bores me to tears.
Precisely the opening he needed.

In consequence of which I really should now understand his comprehensive philosophy of football and basketball. He explained it all in great detail, to which I politely listened, because he was having a grand time, and one doesn't want to piss all over someone else's favourite things.
When I went out for my second last pipe of the day he followed me. Where, before he and two others continued their thoughtful analyses of last night's game -- which was spectacular -- they persuaded a passing gentleman to put his trousers back on. In truth, the round glowing globes of that individual's buttocks were more interesting than the game. They reminded me of the young lady with the bouncy curved bits. And the hat.
And sports bores me to tears.

Michelangelo's David is a beautiful example of the male physique and the sculptor's passion.

I finished the last part of the bowl at home.

The Warriors are a mighty fine team.

They should advertise for pipe tobacco brands. A fine Virginia for instance.
Berkeley Perique Flake, or Oakland Special Birdseye.
It would be staggeringly successful.
Blue & Gold Slice.

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