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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


What I actually had for lunch was mui choi kau yiuk, with a side of stewed tomatoes, and some cabbage, over rice. Which was very good, a damned fine repast, and cheap. All that delicious, PLUS soup, for only five dollars. No, I shan't tell you where, because they only speak Chinese, and tourists are a nuisance.

But what I really wanted was jook with large chunks of fish poached in the heat of the porridge, and one or two hard boiled eggs cut in half added. Plus a drizzle of fry oil, minced ginger, and lots of chopped chives. The problem with jook is that it takes hours to make, and I didn't get up till after ten.
Oh yeah, I don't have any fry oil either.
Or fresh chives.

The wise diner tempers expectations to the realities of his environment.

Besides, I like going to places where they know me.

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