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Sunday, May 27, 2018


One of the propositions on the ballot in San Francisco this season is intended to stop the sale of all flavoured tobacco products in the city. Naturally this has the backing of all the right people. Who are willing to resort to lies and blatant untruths to foster their puritanism.

But I'll agree with them on one very minor point. Their claim that a majority of children start their habit by experimenting with flavored products, if true, is horrifying. Kids should learn about tobacco by using something pure and natural. It's like coffee or tea; their first exposure and enjoyment should NOT be the whorehouse appeal of mango-berry sunburst, or lime and vanilla frappuciato. Good tobacco does not need to taste cheap.

There are plenty of clean products available to develop their palate. Nobody civilized should go for the fruitloopy sh*t. That way lies madness, junk food, teenage hooker taste, and a predilection for sweet liquours, jello shots, overly sugary coffee bar drinks, and flavoured whiskies.

As well as sexual profligacy and fake religions.

Personally, I would recommend something nice in the full Latakia range, or, in cigars, something Nicaraguan. Along with straight black coffee.

Proposition E is backed by rabid puritans, liars, and authoritarians advancing a hard-core mommy-state iron bitch agenda.
Severe Protestantism, and nuns with rulers.

A partial list:

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.
American Heart Association.
American Lung Association.
African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council.
Blue Shield of California.
Breathe California Golden Gate Public Health Partnership.
Booker T. Washington Community Service Center.
California Medical Association.
Coalition of Lavender-Americans on Smoking and Health (CLASH).
Irish American Democratic Club.
Mission Neighborhood Health Center.
NICOS Chinese Health Coalition.
Physicians for Social Responsibility, SF Bay Area Chapter.
Rose Pak Democratic Club.
San Francisco Parents Political Action Committee.
San Francisco Young Democrats.
Sierra Club.
Vietnamese Youth Development Center.
Youth Leadership Institute.

And several other alleged public "health" groups. There are a huge number of organizations that know that unless they get on board with this, they can kiss funding goodbye, as well as individuals whose political careers will nose-dive if they aren't part of the gang. Plus outfits desperate for relevance, who will bend over backwards.

There are many "charitable" shell-outfits that exist primarily so that well-connected people can earn six figure salaries while promoting a politically correct agenda and attending cocktail parties. A few organizations are "lets pretend we've got everybody involved" front-groups or action committees, some of them are merely pretentious stationary and an answering machine, and at least one of the groups is an extortionist gang.

It just goes to show that any bunch of thieves can become a non-profit or a tax write-off, especially if they play the game right.

Of course, it's not about the kids. Kids are not a market demographic, and California law already forbids selling any tobacco products to any one under twenty one. This is not and never was about the kids.
The people being screwed are all adults.
But it's "all about the children".

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