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Monday, May 07, 2018


At times I conceive myself under siege by savages. Such as when the place is filled with Marin County cigar smokers, most of whom are extreme rightwing dicks. So, when one of them to prove some berserk point about Trump asked me which president was the most beloved, I naturally said 'Obama'. Frenzied howling ensued, that did not die down by closing.

I like pissing off the dingoes.

Which is why none of them need to know my phone number or e-mail, and not a single one of them clutters my Facebook page with their presence.
My colleagues are not nearly so blessed, or so wise.

During the last presidential election the cigar smokers kept themselves entertained by sending each other pornographic images with faces crudely pasted in, as well as memes that originated with Fox or Truth Wars.
It was jejune and raw.

The most interesting thing they discussed today was a plan to install a bidet in the barn that one of them owns. Do not ask why, as I have no clue what the purpose might be there.
I think perhaps they like the idea of a stream of warm water.
And an opportunity to finally wash themselves.
Which is totally commendable.

I applaud it.

Be clean, little maggoty filth denizens, be clean.

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