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Monday, May 14, 2018


Several things need mentioning. Firstly, there is a strong cup of tea to my left, which should refresh me immensely now that I am home from work in Marin. Secondly, I have a new bottle of Scotch. Plus biscuits and cheese.
And lastly, a tin of Folded Flake, some of which I will smoke outside, later, while taking an evening constitutional up and down the street.
I like short walks after darkness falls.
Observing local wildlife.
With my pipe.

Unlike at work, were I have to deal with 'special and unique individuals', plus the "sub-clinically neurotic" crowd, in a professional manner, when I'm off, and have returned to the city, I am merely a disinterested observer.
If I am diplomatic and considerate, it is by choice.
Coolness and distance are also an option.

Sub-clinically neurotic is a polite way of saying batshit crazy, by the way. Smelly overcoat guy, who comes in several times a month, qualifies.
So does the self-styled carpenter, as well as Apu O'Riley.
I am not excessively fond of people.

My weekend has started.
Oh yay.

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