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Thursday, May 10, 2018


One of the most charming things happened yesterday afternoon in Spofford Alley, which, as you probably know, is being remodeled as part of a very praiseworthy Chinatown beautification project for the benefit of tourists, none of whom were there to see it.
Had they been there, they might not have understood.
Because it was human and normal.
Not exotic.

A little girl ran past calling out "grandpa, grandpa, grandpa!"

Maybe three years old, hardly older.

At the end of the alley an old Chinese man looked very pleased to see her.
He very likely did not speak English, but he understood what she said. Grandpa. Their intense mutual affection was clear.

When her mother caught up with them, the conversation was in Cantonese. Together they proceeded on, the mom with the infant brother in her arms, the grandpa and the little girl holding hands.

Happy people.

That's better than any amount of Chinatown beautification.

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