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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


To the various mongoloids who attempted to seed the comments with place-marker spam: A) the weekend is over. Long over. B) Your brother knows nothing about your problems. C) If anyone bought you lunch it was ONLY because they saw you struggling with the concept "frypan".
You may be defective, substandard issue.
Or Russian, and robotic.

Let me throw some ideas past you. Please attempt to catch them.

1. Teresa Teng, during her teenage years, when she still performed in Hokkien (Fujianhua), was absolutely angelic. Not tall, and a little compact, but dang that smile and that kissy-poo face. Mmm.

2. Haahm yu is easier to get to like than durian. Nobody will dare disagree. The only reason durian is so popular is because of the expressions on other people's faces.

3. I've seen several out-of-state license plates parked in my neighborhood recently. Please go home.

In other news, the rat colonies in Spofford Alley have lately been severely diminished. I grieve for my little furry brethren. And sistren.
Because I am not gender-biased.

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