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Saturday, May 19, 2018


On Tuesday I could barely walk for most of the day, but Friday evening was a slice of pretty darn good. There was improvement. It helps that I'm full of life, and determined to live forever. Totally stubborn piss and vinegar.
As, naturally, you would expect from any dirty old man.
Underneath my civilized facade, I am deviant.
I can draw underwear in my sleep.
Double seamed.

Actually, I used to do blue prints and schematics in my sleep, but thank heavens that no longer happens. There was also a shades of grey period for a few years when I dreamed in spreadsheet programs. These are some of the dubious benefits of being repetitive-obsessive, as well as more than a little Asperger syndromish. It makes me wonder what the woman in the other room of this apartment has in her head while she slumbers.
She's got it far worse than me.


The waitress at my favourite siu-mei restaurant knows that I have the menu memorized by now, even though I seldom visit more than once a month.
Same with two chachanteng in Chinatown, and my porkchop place.

Recently a friend admitted that at each establishment to which he goes he no longer has to order. Whatever it is, it comes.


That's far too predictable.
Shake it up a bit.

Seasonal squash and roast pork over rice, roast duck over rice, bittermelon black bean fish slices rice, fatty pork belly and red-in-snow rice, fish and cheesy cream sauce rice, baked Portuguese chicken rice, garlic paste porkchop rice, mushroom gravy porkchop rice, black pepper porkchop rice, Thai sauce porkchop rice, tomato porkchop rice, tomato cream gravy rice, baked porkchop cream sauce rice, stirfried pressed vegetable pork slivers beansprouts over rice, plum-vegetable pork rice or noodle soup, chive and pork dumplings, minced pork dab of salted egg dumplings, steamed shrimp dumplings, mushroom pork dumplings, rolled rice sheet shrimp, lean pork and preserved egg congee, fish slice congee, dried fish and peanuts congee, offal and crispy stuff congee, grilled pork noodle soup, grilled pork and imperial roll over cold noodles, grilled sliced pork or porkchop with a fried egg and rice, grilled pork garlic noodles, egg tart, dowsa biscuit, linyong biscuit, old wife cake, Italian cake, steamed chicken bun, meat floss bun, hot dog or ham and cheese bun, yau tiu wrapped in steamed sheet noodle, seasonal vegetable fish, black bean spareribs rice, white chicken, soy sauce chicken, snails, frogs, and crispy skin roast goose.

It's just a small selection.
And also cheesecake.
Remarkably light.

I keep myself entertained.

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