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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The playing of ghastly music has not ended. Since Christmas Eve I have been forcibly subjected to seasonally themed numbers several times. Misguided folks think it is still appropriate, which is an outrage, and this nastiness may endure till after New Year.

I am beginning to think that Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah is very suitable for Christmas, and applaud the wisdom of the anonymous satellite radio droodge who threw a song about abusive sex into the mix.
A welcome note of relief.

Youtube recommends, based on previous history, that this blogger should really listen to the following:

The Wreck of The old 97
La Marcia dei Lagunari
Qurbani Qurbani Qurbani
La Marseillaise
Radetzky Marsch
Juvenile bat squeaks while being petted
We Are Coming Father Abraham
Deșteaptă te, Române!
Pee Wee Herman - Tequila

It's an interesting selection. This is where the term "eclectic' gets battered into a bloody festered pulp. One's musical tastes should be multi-facetted, indeed, but this is a little much.

One of my favourite tunes is actually La Dance De Mardi Gras by the Balfa Brothers, which, as you may realize, is old-timey Cajun music.

Les Mardi Gras ça vient de tout partout
Tout l'autour au tour du moyeu
Ça passe un fois par ans
Demander la charité
Quand même si c'est une patate
Une patate et des gratins

Les Mardi Gras sont su' un grand voyage
Tout l'tour autour du moyeu
Ça passe un fois par ans
Demander la charité
Quand même si c'est une poule maigre
Et trois, quatre coton d'maïs

Capitain, capitain voyage ton flag
Allons su' l'autr' voisin
Demander la charité
Pour eux autr' venir nous r'joindre
Eux autr' venir nous r'joindre
Ouais au bal pour ce soir

[SOURCE: Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys have a lovely live performance HERE. C'est une mélodie très agréable, vivante.
Flammes D'Enfer (by Courtbouillon HERE ) is also nice, btw.


Years ago Amazon sent regular recommendations, based on what they analyzed my interests to be. They presumed me to be a timorous blonde woman, early twenties, still a virgin, who read End of Days romances and probably cried herself to sleep at night hugging her teddy bear.
Possibly the bear was named 'Ezekiel'.
Or Obediah. Something biblical.
Emphasis on prophetics.

Scriptural studies, puppet theatre, history of the crusades, anthropology, and art deco costume jewelry.

Please note that what I bought from various antiquarian booksellers in the Netherlands was not factored into their profile; that might have made it even stranger.

I am not a peculiar person.

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All correspondence will be kept in confidence.


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