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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Apparently I was supposed to call our president all kinds of names and praise Netanyahu's vision and perspicacity after the United States abstained from voting, AND abstained from exercising her veto, on a resolution in the U. N. Security Council. See, that's what everybody else in a local pro-Israel group was doing, and this proved what they had know for more than eight years: Barack Obama was a filthy Muslim communist retard! And an anti-Semite.

Thank G-d for Trump!

Oh dear. I thought it was a neat-o keen way to finally make clear to Bibi that using settlement building to sabotage any prospect of peace, AND humiliate the stupid Americans, was perhaps not the wisest thing to do.
Well, you know, not nice.


Especially because though we tried, numerous times, we could not get that message into his thick head, and he kept playing us for a bunch of freirs.

"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.
They won't get in our way.

------Benjamin Netanyahu

Remember when Bibi trumpeted sixteen hundred new housing units mere hours after Biden in Jerusalem promised unstinting support for Israel?

Way to go, Bibi.

Remember when Bibi went behind the administration's back to kiss grits with the Republicans?

Great move, Bibster.

Coming to Washington to make congress sabotage the president?

Yowza, a true friend, Beebles.

Plenty of other examples, as well as hundreds of pages of his whore-harpy Caroline Glick excoriating Obama, Biden, Clinton, Kerry, and damned well every member of the administration.

Let's see. Iron Dome. Thirty eight billion. Multiple vetoes on behalf of Israel in the United Nations, and favours that no other nation receives. Even Pollard got released (we should have shot that momzer).

A constant stream of pissing on America.

Ronald Reagan's administration was far more active in objecting to Israeli chutzpah, as was Bush 'one, Clinton, and Bush 'two'. Why, the things folks called Condoleeza Rice were unprintable.

Obama abstained once, and all hell broke loose.

Gee, Bibi, maybe sidestepping Obama and going directly to Trump wasn't the brightest idea you ever had. It may have influenced this administration to assume that nothing was required from them, you were handling it on your own, as usual you didn't need anything from us, perhaps it was time to let you stand on your own two feet.
For a change.

Anyhow, nobody told me that the party line was that Obama was finally proving himself the lizard alien they had known he was for eight years, he had treacherously sold Israel downriver, clapped the maiden fair in chains, starved the orphan, raped the horses, and defiled the sacred festival of the oil by his staggering perfidy!
He is a Jew hater racist, and his actions and deeds have consistently shown anti-Israel animus; he is is an ugly malevolent troll.
An unspeakable horror!

Guys, you could have warned me you were going nuclear.
Before I called you all gibbering loonies.

Several folks have since demanded that I be cast out / cut off / excluded
for my reprehensible disloyalty and anti-Netanyahuism.
I am a horrible hate-filled man, almost Soviet!
I should be expelled.

Which, given that they are mostly a bunch of steaming-pantied Trumpites, is fine by me.

I don't understand anything, and clearly hate Israel.

[I'm also a Trotskyite race-hating homosexual, neurotic, heathen, liberal, Jesuitical, neo-nazi, communist, and a very well-trained Christian critic of the Talmud. But all of that was another time and place.]

Considering the many famous dissidents of the past, a cherem is an incredible honour!

Over the years I've been told that I am merely a klipot, have no neshama (Yiddish or otherwise), and lack a sense of humour. Which marked me as deficient and subhuman.

It's a frikkin' Chanukah miracle that I haven't been called Judas yet.

What. Ever.


Ages ago one of the members of the group was absolutely convinced that Obama was going to impound all of our fire arms and declare martial law.
A few others believed that before his first term was over, sharia would be imposed, because Obama was, as everyone knew, a secret Muslim.

I am glad I no longer associate with most of them.
Haven't in a long time.

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  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Necessary perspective: US Presidents have regularly allowed UN Security Council Resolutions that slam Israel to pass.

    Nixon: 15
    Ford: 2
    Carter: 14
    Reagan: 21
    G.H.W. Bush: 9
    Clinton: 3
    G.W. Bush: 6
    Obama: 1

    But feel free to get your knickers in a twist over that last one.
    Because it proves something.

    Dill pickles.


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