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Thursday, December 22, 2016


This blogger admits to being a busybody. I frequently listen in on other people, and I keenly observe them out of the corner of my squinty little eyes while pretending I'm doing something else. La la la. What, me?
I'm just a fly on the wall, honest!

Three things.

A gentleman of Mexican origin who is on friendly terms with the folks at the bakery prefers his ham and egg bun with a hefty sploodge of chili paste. I shall have to try that sometime, it looks excellent, and I am quite surprised I did not think of it myself. Probably also works with a yiuk sung bau (肉鬆飽), and I wonder if I can get them to heat it up in the microwave and shove in a slice of luncheon meat.

Indian tourists feel lost and uncomfortable unless they know where the nearest vegetarian and Szechuanese restaurants are. The first is because they do not wish to be confronted with meat ...... the second is because they want a bit of flavour, dang Americans eat some bland crap, holy heck what is wrong with these people?!? Are you SURE that chilipeppers originated on this continent?

When a Cantonese American girl quarrels with her boyfriend, interesting things may be said. From a linguistic perspective, "up nei-ge yours" is probably the best thing I have heard in a very long time. Throwing 'nei-ge' (你嘅) into the middle of a phrase can turn even an innocuous utterance into an insult. It means "your".

That last item is remarkable. Kindly note that she did not use a single obscenity or vile term, but the effect is absolutely blistering.
I'll have to remember that phrase.

A fly with ears.

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