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Monday, December 12, 2016


One search criterion wins the internet! Today, someone found my site by asking "is it wrong to want to watch women eating burgers wearing panties?" No, my stats don't tell me which post they found, and I cannot even hazard a guess. But let me answer that question.

'Men wearing panties should NOT watch women eating burgers!'

Let us assume that women, however, may do so. Please imagine a summer morning at a sorority in Berkeley, where some of the sisters are celebrating the hot season by going out onto the patio and grilling up some burgers for breakfast. Possibly with bacon. The vegetarians among them can only watch, as the barbecue rack is now covered in meat juices, and in order for them to enjoy a delicious tofu burger they will have to fry it up in the secret skillet they keep hidden from the carnivores.

Or they could scrape and hack away at the metal to remove all traces of animal protein, but alas, they are unsuitably dressed for such a messy endeavor! I did mention the seasonal heat, did I not?

For them, watching other women eating burgers while in their nether garments may be the only option. It is very sad.

Personally, I would not want a tofu burger.

You're welcome; glad I could help.

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