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Sunday, December 11, 2016


It seems like just yesterday when I was considered a Trotskyite race-hating homosexual, neurotic, heathen, liberal, Jesuitical, a neo-nazi, a communist, a very well-trained Christian critic of the Talmud, as well as a savage Christian-hating Jew.
I am surprised at how much I have grown since then.
In the eyes of some, I am now a "Libtard'.
Believe me, it's an improvement.
Presently just one word.

What, I hear you asking, is all this about?

Einfach. I have decided that conversations with a great many people are a waste of time, as I do not respect their opinions, I recognize that trying to educate them so that they are less brutally stupid is an uphill slog, and I am quite uninterested in what they think, or if they ever will.

I am not a very social person.
It's one of my strengths.

I am in favour of gluten, vaccines, and meat. Preferably huge piles of all three. With the first (sourdough) accompanying a vast variety of the last.
Let us slaughter and feast upon the cows, the porcines, and the little baby lambs. Especially the lambs. Roast choplettes, ribs, loins, and rissoles. With garlic. And spices. And curry paste. And bacon. And herbes de Provence, olive oil rub, zatar, baby potatoes, and Sriracha Sauce.

Then let us sink back upon our couches replete, discretely belching, with grease-stained lips and napkins, and discuss the non-existence of Jesus, enforced literacy, plus obligatory intelligence briefings, free abortion on demand, and why Christians and climate-change deniers should be denied safe spaces and a life-everlasting if there even is such a thing.
Vegans, yoga-pants wearers, and gluten-phobics too.
Anti-vaccine dingoes especially.

The road to hell is paved with "well-meaning" people.
Entitled, vocal, and sincerely stupid.
Plus their opinions.

Please share what you think of this in the comments.

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