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Monday, December 26, 2016


Some readers have wondered why the political stuff that once graced the pages of this blog no longer shows up. Have things really changed that much, or am I an entirely different person now?

Well, things have indeed changed.

Boy howdy.

According to the good people of an activist group here in the Bay Area: "Obama sides with terrorists", has attacked Christianity, Judaism, and Western civilization, is a "bold-faced liar", is a "freakin' lying, backstabbing worm", "appalling", a disgrace, disgusting, a "bully at home, a coward abroad, a failure", has an "anti-Israel team", is anti-Semitic (as, they aver, is the entire Democratic Party), is a thug, and has pissed all over Israel and "AMERICAN Policy for the past 65+ years", is in the "same venal hands of the bureaucrats at the state dept. antisemites opposing the creation of Israel since 1948", "sick and twisted ", "an open enemy", an "ugly malevolent troll", a "Jew hater racist", and many other things.

"Obama is a classic anti-Semite"

It was not like this before, but back in the day the nuts were, essentially, rogue elements at further than arms' length, occasionally committing vandalism or picking fights in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
We would not willingly associate with them then.
I refuse to associate with them now.

There weren't so many then.

Things have changed.

I used to take part in street-level events, but I would not trust these new people next to me, do not wish to meet any of them in person, and know that the rational minority have, largely, given up.

I myself have quite a gift for venom and hyperbole, so I can certainly appreciate it in others.

I voted for Obama. Twice. I am proud that I voted for him, and if there were no two-term limit, I would have voted for him a third time.

More than ever, I despise the self-made insane.

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