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Sunday, December 04, 2016


The Scots have outlawed smoking in cars with anyone under eighteen. The proscription was passed at Holyrood in 2015, unanimously.
It goes into effect on Monday.

I have to wonder, did they think this thing through? It can't be healthy for the little dicks if they're strapped to the roof.

The penalty for keeping them inside the vehicle is a fine of up to £1,000.

Which, of course, comes out of the allowance budget.

Rat on me, boy, you gonna bleed.

In this, the Scots are following the examples of England and Wales, which are lousy examples to follow. As any student of history knows. Good lord, the English raped the world with their various imperial misbehaviours, and until the eighteenth century the Welsh were cannibals.

I am not surprised that both Rattray's and McConnell's fine pipe tobaccos are now manufactured on the continent.

Those kilted maniacs have finally lost their bally minds.
Woad based arse paint rots the brain.

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