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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


For the past three days I have been suffering from two ailments. The first one, a major inconvenience, is the common cold. The second, which is much more a festering pain in the rump, is the proximity of prosperous white males in Marin County.

These people are, as they will tell you, self-made men.
They are the deserving rich.

Bed rest cures the common cold eventually, but there is no medicine that takes care of smirking prigs. Well, rat poison, I suppose, but it should be applied judiciously (in massive dosages), so that there is scant danger of them developing a resistance to it.

In that it resembles many medicines.

I first heard of "Pizza Gate" while in Marin. All things considered that was not surprising. Smirking prigs will gladly believe anything when it fits with their weltanschauung. They rather lack perspective and the intellectual dexterity to carefully weigh sources and data sets.
Plus child slave sex speaks to them.

Marin: it's a swamp.

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