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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


One and a half years ago, Jonathan in Israel accused me of obsessing over Netanyahu, and came close to asserting that I manifested classic signs of anti-Semitism. I now realize that that was precisely when he made the hard transition from Bourbon to Vodka, and was all awail and agnash over the untimely demise of Jerry Garcia or Benny Elbaz (not sure which).
He was feeling feisty and defensive.
I acknowledged his pain.
And set him right.

Anyhoo, the vituperation over Bibi is starting up again. So for his benefit, and that of a close friend who has settled the East Bay Hills, and lobs grenades at the Saracen hordes nextdoor, there is a new label here:

Clicking that will pull up all essays which mention that horrid man.
There really aren't that many, I've written other stuff.
Panties, for instance, are fascinating.
There are recipes, too.
And kittens.

Perhaps speedily, and in our time, there will be one more.

An obituary.

Please note: If you are also fascinated by undergarments -- and it is hard to imagine anyone who isn't -- you should click this label: PANTIES.
It will please you as much as NETANYAHU.

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