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Thursday, December 15, 2016


This morning, before I left the house, I made a sneering comment about a columnist for a newspaper in Israel on Facebook. This evening, when I returned, I discovered that some poor Israeli dingbat thinks I am a horrid person who deserves to die. Because I do not worship that columnist.

Oh dear. Under-medicated much?

Frankly, I've been sneering about that columnist for over half a dozen years, and consider any newsprint slated for those columns, by that always pissy propaganda hack, far worse than low-grade bumwad.

No, shan't mention who the columnist is.

The columnist, and the newspaper in question, are not really important.
Far less important than some raving hysteric in Israel thinks they are.

The Israeli press is rather like the American press. Full of it, and often wrong. Usually staggeringly so.

In the world today it behooves the person who wishes to be informed to read much, and take much with a grain of salt. The open mind that is not capable of sifting sludge for nuggets soon becomes a sewer.

As, indeed, that Israeli dingbat proves.

I wish her luck flushing.

Her head.

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