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Thursday, September 08, 2016


In a move sure to offend some Hindus (while amusing others), a Belgian brewery has started making an India Pale Ale with Ganesha on the label.
No, I have no idea how it tastes. I stopped experimenting with beer years ago, and now drink it only occassionaly, and only Anchor Steam Beer.

I am reasonably certain it is a splendid product, well worth drinking.

The Universal Society For Hinduism, a bunch of religious nuts founded by and seemingly consisting only of Gujarati busybody Rajan Zed (now based in Nevada) has strongly protested. The use of Lord Ganesha for commercial purposes is, apparently, appalling! Ranjan Zed demands that Musketeer Brewery cease forthwith! He demands apologies!
Man, the nerve of those Belgians!
Mercantile scum!

Rajan Zed should go fly a kite.

Ganesh Brand Ghee, and Ganesh Brand Agmark Ghee
Ganesh Super Fine Atta Flour
Ganesh Beedies
Shree Ganesh Saffron Half cut, And Shree Ganesh Pure Saffron
Ganesh Mustard Oil
Ganesh Holi Colour
Ganesh Papad
Ganesh Channa Masala Papad
Ganesh Jeera Masala Papad
Ganesh Chora Fali
Ganesh Matiya
Ganesh Brand Deluxe Mono Filament Twine
Health Cha Shree Ganesh
Sri Ganesha Glass & Sanitary Wares
Extra White Sri Ganpati Gypsum Building Plaster
Ganpati Plasfab Ltd.
Ganpati Brand Moth Polish

Sorry, I have no clue what Moth Polish is.

I found all these products with a quick image-search for 'Ganesh Brand'.

There's also Ganesh Industries in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), as well as Shree Ganesh Industries (jeep and tractor body parts), Sri Ganesh Industries (halwa making machines) ......

Don't poo your dhoti, Rajan.

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