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Thursday, September 08, 2016


You probably had to be there. I was. And I am a very patient man. It also helped that the song "Bringing In The Sheaves" was going through my head during most of it.
"It" being lunch while the banker talked. In consequence of which I have NO idea how the amount of money in circulation ties in to the war in Irak and Afghanistan, or the startling similarities between Michael Jackson and Hillary Clinton. Perhaps I should have listened.

Church music, like "Bringing In The Sheaves" is not part of my background. But my apartment mate is convinced that such things are included in the heritage of all white people. She's Chinese, and has a mighty queer view of 'whitey'.

Surely the all-white part of the country is filled with wholesome bland people singing that kind of sh*t?

And aren't they all constipated?



I wonder why she thinks they're all constipated?

The first I ever heard about the sheaves may have been in a movie. At that time I was already an adult. White folks Jesus songs aren't a thing in my world. There is one exception, though.

Mahalia Jackson.

My mother had her records.



There is a civil rights struggle connection.

It's inspiring.

My lunch was taken up by the banker, who came in just as I sat down. After I finished eating, he went out and found someone on the veranda, where he stayed for nearly an entire hour before coming back inside for another victim.

He's harmless, and very intelligent. But his mind makes strange poetic connections between facts that likely have no link, and after he's been reading he needs a brick wall to bounce his ideas off of. It's a way of reformulating things in his mind, and because he puts it back into words, understanding the material better.

Most of us don't have a clue what he's on about.
Or, for that matter, what on earth he's on.

I wasn't expecting that for lunch.
But actually I do not mind.
He's a likable man.
And harmless.

Bringing In The Sheaves was an earworm because of things my apartment mate had said. Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves; we shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

She got up at five thirty. At which time I had already been up for an hour, and was on my second cup of coffee. Couldn't sleep.
Morning is the best time.

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