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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


While helping the woman replace her light bulbs -- because she's shorter than a white guy, and her arms don't go up as high -- something could be seen on the carpet in her room. Now, two things need to be mentioned:
1) we actually need a longer ladder, as three treads is barely better than a step-stool, which is why I am the designated light bulb in-screwer; and
2) we tried it yesterday evening when I came home, at which point we learned that not all bulbs are equal.

But it was after nightfall, so I didn't notice what was on the carpet.

Which is subtle enough that daylight is necessary.

Today it could clearly be seen.

Cootch powder.

That being what she calls it.

Which suggests that instant everything just add water has made great strides since my youth (back in the dark ages). The woman drops her bathrobe in one spot, then employs the miracle powder.

This is more than you wanted to know, I bet.

Dried cootch; more fibre, less gluten.

My mind is running rampant.

I've got ideas.


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