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Thursday, September 01, 2016


It has always baffled me what images and ideas cigar companies use to bring their products to consumer attention. Left to right, main wall: ninjas, ghost daemons, and savages in the Amazonian rain forest; race cars, superannuated stick insects (human), exploitation of the serfs on my vast plantation; excess, crazy Russians, partying drug dealers; tattooed freaks, more plantational exploitation, a hip subcontinental, gasoline; Roman emperors, dead Cubans, and revolutionary excesses in the tropics.
And more. Much more. It's frightening.

The demographic, however, remains constant.

Younger men who have too much money, middle-aged men who have too much money, and older men who have too much money. And men in all three categories who would like to have too much money, but perforce must buy slightly cheaper smokes.
In a range of body type, from fairly trim to more than pudgy.

I guess it's the romance of the object.

Which, when you think about it, is a stand-in for the intermediary between the cigar smoker and bodacious tatas. If A, then B, and inevitably, C.
Which is bodacious tatas. Bodacious tatas are magic.

[There is such a thing as too much. Every one's definition of the ideal tata is different. Bodacious is conceptual. It is a state of mind. Intellectual appreciation.]

Cigars, however, do not resemble tatas, of any type. Nor do they smell like tatas, in any way at all. I have on occasion smelled my mustache after indulging in a cigar, and regretfully I conclude that if tatas smelled like cigars nobody would want them.

Pipe tobacco DOES smell like tatas.

That is why I usually smoke a pipe.

Cheap stogies smell like nut sack.

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  • At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Kaes said…

    What is the Dutch term for "bodacious tatas".

    Inkvisterende minds vant to know.


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