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Thursday, September 29, 2016


While devouring a pepper-grilled pork chop for dinner I cruised the net. And found 'Pork Bun Auntie'. Who is heroic, larger than life, and has all her priorities straight.

She runs a fruit stall in TaiPei.

['I don't want to be famous because of this!']

She was photographed with a broken umbrella in the middle of a typhoon, defiantly eating a pork bun.

[Photo credit: Chiang Ying-ying / AP]


She runs the 'Tian-tian shui-guo dian (甜甜水果店 "sweet-sweet fruit shop") at Ching Mei (景美), and hopes that mention of her business (a fresh fruit stand) will increase her sales. Because if that unflattering picture has to be published at all, at least let her benefit from the publicity.

I do not think that this is an unflattering picture.

It shows grit. Steely determination.

Or is it stubbornness?

In any case, those are admirable qualities. Not only should her enterprise prosper, so that she can continue to enjoy the occasional bakpao (meat bun) for many more years, but someone needs to make a TaiPei typhoon pork pie to immortalize such spirit.

Surely a meat bun that can beat a howling gale is worth eating?

Coincidentally, I am thinking grilled pork, hot and sour vegetable, and a sourdough crust or pillow, because that somewhat mirrors the components of my own dinner. So actually there is no coincidence, but no matter.

I feel like having some fruit right now.
But there is none in the house.
Except for chilies.


Very sorry, Mrs. Dai, but for all of us kwailo you will likely be 'Bun Auntie' (包子阿姨 "bao tze ah yi"), because calling you 'Dai Tai-tai' (戴太太) just sounds a bit queer. I don't know, off. Not quite right in English.
And 甜甜姨姨,while logical, is right out.

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  • At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perhaps 戴姨姨? Auntie Dai.


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