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Monday, September 05, 2016


The follow-up from Digong Duterte calling President Obama a "son of a whore" has been swift; a scheduled meeting between the two leaders has been cancelled, with no future confabs announced. Kumandar Duterte may be a capable leader of death squads, but is an abject failure at international relations.
Hubris has always been a problem for Filipinos.

"Putang ina mo!"

In electing Duterte, the Filipino people have thrown their trust in with a brutal thug, a bigot, and quite possibly a rapist. In fact, Rodrigo 'Rodeng' Duterte is such an all-round disgusting exemplar of Filipino manhood that one wonders how far back his well-documented murderous proclivities go. Was he at an early age involved in hunting down Muslims in Mindanao, like so many other Visayan settlers were? Was he a patron or leader of the Ilagas, notorious gangs of Northern immigrants who engaged in rape and murder among the Moros during the Marcos dictatorship?
Or did he leave that to able relatives?
That last is doubtful.

Until the Philippines elects a clean man, who doesn't represent the brutalist stratum in the entrenched political class, the United States relationship with that place should redefine "lowest ebb".

Unlike the Arab world, which cannot do its own housekeeping and needs Filipinas, the United States has no need for Filipino immigrants.
We aren't that fond of mangoes either.

Let us ignore Duterte's human rights violations as well as all Filipino claims to any part of the South China Sea. We need to have a good relationship with China and Japan.

We can well-afford to ignore the Philippines.

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