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Friday, September 27, 2013


There it is, long after you had planned to eat, when you FINALLY get to load up the truck and get out. It's taken such a long time. You are ravenous, you can already taste the succulent flavours of your charsiu (叉燒) over rice, OR your roast duck over rice (燒鴨飯), or, dare one even hope, orgasmic (!) roast goose over rice (燒鵝飯) .
Mmm, juicy, and soul-comfortingly delicious!
Roast goose. Over rice.

So you speed up. Pedal to the metal. Somewhere, there's a dai paai dong with your name on it. Well, on the food. Yummy yummy food.
If you get there on time. Heaven forefend that they're already out.
Food is serious business, gotta hurry before it's gone!

Roast meats, fresh and fragrant, over rice.

Floor that sucker.



Crash occurs after 22 seconds. First "waah" erupts at the 25th. A second, even more aghast "waah", at 27. Then, at the 36th. second, Franklin Yeung (the video recorder) can be heard utilizing a Cantonese exclamation that in this context more or less equals the American "holy sh*t", but which literally means "violate your old maternal". He stops just as he's about to finish it with the superlative "chau hai", which, errm, eh, ah, indicates that there's a noxious odour to the specific element of her anatomy to which the imperative verb applies. Clearly he's distraught.

[The phrase "diu nei lou mou" is not something you say around women, by the way.
It's considered rude. Even without the "chau hai".]

With which I can sympathize. He, too, imagines the scrumptious lunch that the driver of the little blue truck will have to forfeit.
Oh, the humanity!

The accident happened on 花園道 (Garden Road) right at the junction with 上亞厘畢道 (Upper Albert road), near 聖若瑟堂 (St. Joseph’s Church), in Central Hong Kong (中區).

My knowledge of mr. Toad's wild ride shown above is courtesy of 'Beijing Cream', a splendid all-round source of news about China.

Thank you, Beijing Cream. You're the creamiest.

[Roast goose: 燒鵝.]

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