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Monday, September 16, 2013


It struck me the other day that fish-wise America is a nightmare. The vast majority of my fellow-Americans have scant clue about seafood, and are intimately familiar with only one piscine specialty: tuna salad.

Tuna salad is a splendid concoction. Truly the national dish.
Admit it, ninety nine percent of you secretly love it.
Why, some of you are feasting on it right now.
Mmmmm, mayo, celery, alleged tuna.

We are held together by mayo.

Oh sure, there are actually several other fishy dishes Americans know. Clam chowder, to name but one. That might be the only one that does not use mayo or a gooey greasy buttery substance that in some ways recalls mayo (dairy and flour).
But nearly everything else in the fin or bottomfeeder class is mayoed up the wazzoo.

Fishsticks. Crab. Lobster. Oysters. Walnut shrimp.

Batter them, nuke 'em in the fry-o-lator, and serve with mayo.
Or a dolled-up version of mayo.
Tartar sauce or aioli.

"Well, how's everything goin' here?"

In Texas, at Sodelak's Original Country Inn, located in the beautiful town of Snook, they serve chicken-fried bacon strips. With a bowl of cream gravy on the side, for dipping.
I really think it should have tartar sauce next to it.
Tartar sauce is, more-or-less, fancy mayo.
It makes everything a gourmet treat.

Bacon is the new fish stick.

Finger-food for all ages.

Just needs more salt.



Snook: It's the ONLY reason to visit Texas.

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