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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


There are several blogs that I read on a regular basis. Many of them used to post updates daily, but in the past three or four years they've faded a bit -- rehashing everything one has already expressed is too close to talking with your psychiatrist, one fears that the dear bearded doctor may have attention deficit disorder at this point -- and it is conceivable that some of them have simply tired of the routine of exposing their innermost thoughts or underwear for a sometimes less than attentive audience.
But they are still worth rereading, and going back and rediscovering stuff that you had already forgotten about.

Among the frequent grind:

A thought-provoking take on Judaism and matters relating to orthodoxy. Great place to read extensive and intelligent discussions.

Midianite Manna:
Also thought-provoking, but for the past several months she's been in a funk. We hope she recovers. Miss her.

The Search for Emes:
Quirky, insightful, and often a provider of interesting ideas or music.

The Muqata:
Realistic ire about the Middle East, with intelligent anger at times. Good. Scotch whisky is mentioned.

Dutch Pipesmoker:
In-depth investigation of a gentle habit that appeals to intelligent men and women. Written in English. Good stuff.

And Treppenwitz:
Meandering, often with excellent points, about raising kids in Israel, American peculiarities, sometimes linguistic stuff, and sharp cogent remarks about Israel's neighbors and their rank incompetence at being civilized, or their inability to reasonably adhere to intelligent human behavioural standards.

Concerning Syria, which represents all the foulest and most depraved tendencies of the Arab world let loose, Treppenwitz recently had this to say: "They have no trouble slaughtering one another at the drop of a hat when the mood strikes them."

In fact, I will quote his entire essay, because it accords with what I myself feel about the imbroglio that the United States may yet soon engage upon.

Begin cite:


I find it telling that the Arab League and Turkey (many of whom receive sizeable military aid/equipment packages from the US and other western countries), are coming out strongly in favor of a US military attack on Syria... but have no intention of lifting a finger to help.

In fact, Turkey's Prime Minister has made several public statements to the effect that a few days of firing missiles at military targets won't be enough. He wants the US to intervene militarily to remove the Assad regime.

My question is this:

Why the hell do the US and other western powers give military aid to these clowns? Why do Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia have the latest jet fighters and helicopters provided by the US and Europe. Why do these countries have well-equipped armies, navies and air forces on someone else's dime if there is no expectation that when push comes to shove, they will join a coalition led by their benefactor(s)?

I've heard the old saw that 'It isn't a reasonable or ethical request to expect Muslim countries to join a US attack on another Muslim country!'

Oh really? Why not?!

Have we really all bought into their bullsh*t that Muslims are some sort of special class of humans, and to expect them to take a stand against one of their own would be tantamount to fratricide?!

Puleeze! They have no trouble slaughtering one another at the drop of a hat when the mood strikes them.

Are we really saying that we have zero expectations of these countries after all that has been done for them? Are we really okay with them, once again, standing by like some schoolyard mob pushing the hapless combatants forward, yelling, "Fight, fight, fight...", all the while staying safely on the sidelines and enjoying the spectacle?

I think the time has come for the western powers - particularly the US - to take a close look at who they supply with military aid, and make that aid contingent upon rolling up their sleeves and providing some support (troops, planes, ships, airfields, refueling tankers, intelligence, etc.), whenever a fight breaks out.

Fail to step up just once? Kiss that fat aid check good-bye.

I don't really care that this risks pushing them into the sphere of influence of Russia or China. I'd rather Russia and China be bled dry by these leeches.

Bottom line: If these countries aren't willing to vote with the west at the UN... side with the west on global issues... share their oil with the west at an equitable price...and above all, put some skin in the game when the west really needs them to have our back... they aren't really in the west's sphere of influence in the first place, now are they?

End cite.

It's time that the Turks and Arabs stick out their necks. Instead of channeling their jaw-flapping through their manipulators at the various embassies in Washington.

It's also time that America's politicians show some spine, and hold Arab and Turk feet to the fire.
Rather than having another canapé and cocktail, and telling Bandar Bin Dingbat that his mustache is so handsome, why, he looks just like Omar Sharif!

It doesn't seem too much to ask.

Let the Arab world make a stab at solving its own problems. I'm sure they'll do it with the same aplomb and capability that they've shown in the past. Or is that just a talent for mayhem and proxy-slaughter?

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  • At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When was military aid ever about expecting countries to help the us government when we go to war? Why would that even be helpful?


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