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Saturday, September 07, 2013


Mail received from an old friend:

Hello Atboth, The degree of aplomb this feller uses when standing up to the man is pretty impressive and I figure you'd support him as much as I do.

How are things out your way? I'm still hacking at the bushes and working on a few start ups at the same time...much to the chagrin of my financial planner.

I see your blog is lovely as ever and you haven't lost your gift of identifying, ruffling and smoothing feathers...all at the same time.
What part of town are you in these days?
If you're anywhere near a watering hole it would make sense to grab a drink sometime soon.

Hope all is well,


End quote.


I keenly appreciate the video that 'Bolts' sent. It's like watching Monty Python. Perhaps an episode that went awry, and necessitated an urgent visit from the authorities.
Who knew that eating Chinese food was offensive?
I do it all the time.

Anent the statement by the gentleman above, please refrain (*) from any speculation about the state or condition of my nosey parker. It is not presently germane, and probably won't be even if I'm arrested.
We aren't in Australia.

I have an inexplicable yen for eggrolls.

(*) If you are an innocent randy miss, feel free to speculate, however. There is no way I can stop you (nor would I even try). And I commend both your deliciously filthy mind as well as your intellectual curiosity. It is Saturday night.
Perhaps you are bored?

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