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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have gotten rid of three clickable labels (San Francisco Chinatown, 唐人街, and 大埠), and combined them into one giant rubric with over one hundred and thirty essays at present count. It seemed logical to do so.

唐人街 Chinatown

Under "唐人街 Chinatown" you will find much about comestibles, several random explanations of things, some personal reminiscences, as well as a little bit about Savage Kitten, who used to be my significant other and is still a good friend and someone whom I esteem. There's also stuff about movie theatres there, and the occasional anecdote.

Note: The city of San Francisco (三藩市) is also called 舊金山 (gau gam saan: old gold mountain) in Cantonese. But the only ones who still know it only by that name are rather elderly, and chances are they aren't on the internet.
Hence not using that nomen in either the title of this informational announcement or the clickable label.

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