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Monday, September 09, 2013


The message, loud and clear, from the United States administration to the government of Bashar Assad, is a firm no-nonsense demand that he continue murdering his own people with conventional weapons.
The world will NOT allow him to kill with chemistry. All slaughter in Syria must be done the old-fashioned way, no exceptions.
Bullets and explosives only, please.

Oh and cutting throats. Which is rather inefficient, very old-school, but traditional. The United States and France respect tradition.

What Kerry, Obama, and François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande have cynically realized is that in the main, most citizens are concerned about environmental impact. The world is a very polluted place. Trace elements of chemical weapons will poison the ground for years after all evidence of its victims' demise have faded, long after their lives have become a distant and uncherished memory.

It's VERY San Francisco of them.
Greenness is next to godliness.
Stop polluting, re-use, recycle.

Gotta to begin somewhere.

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