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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Dutch police, unlike law enforcement in America, labour under such a whelter of rules, regulations, advisements, and bureaucratic red tape, that for all intents and purposes they have less authority than the average baby sitter.

This is especially evident after an incident in Gouda (Netherlands) on Monday.

Two teenage girls were attacked by five Moroccan youths, who pelted them with rocks, called them 'cancer-whores' (kankerhoeren), chased them, and slammed the bicycle of one of the girls on top of her as she was lying on the ground. One of the girls has a concussion and both have severe scrapes and bruises.
The boys were questioned by the police and released.

No, there was no reason for the attack. The girls did not provoke. They were not scantily dressed or offering to blow sailors for candy and spare change.
In no way other than being female did they offend the sensibilities of the Moroccans.

In fact, if they actually had been scandalously dressed OR offering to service nautical personages, it still would not have been the business of the loitering Arab jugend.
The girls' behaviour, comportment, clothing, or sparkling eyes - of what concern are these?

It says something about cowardice and a lack of proper up-bringing that the attackers were males, outnumbered the victims, and were not held back or restrained by other Moroccan teenagers in the vicinity, or by their own values and sensibilities.


What's even more appalling is that the police merely spoke to the boys and let them go.

"Vijf jongens (13, drie van 14 en een van 15) zijn inmiddels opgepakt, verhoord en weer op vrije voeten gesteld" - Five boys (13, three of 14, and one of 15) have meanwhile been picked up, questioned, and released.

Released, after pursuing the girls, and throwing rocks at the head of the younger girl. Concussion, bruises, scrapes.
Two girls. Five boys.
Unprovoked violent assault.
No consequences.

Apparently this is not unusual in Gouda. There have been other incidents. Many other incidents. All involving Moroccans.

[Moroccans have become the new Dutch underclass, and have learned to behave accordingly. They are just as enterprising and competitive in their assigned roles as the natives once were, having learned from Dutch society exactly what is expected of the urban poor. Consequently, the Moroccans in the Netherlands should NOT be taken as representative of normal Morrocans, but of a layer of brutality that has always been present, although previously not quite so blatantly, in Dutch society.]

Be assured that any vigilantism by local people towards the perpetrators would be severely dealt with by the authorities - heaven forefend that mere private citizens protect themselves, even though the police abjure that task. Society might crumble!

Dutch bureaucratic attitudes are such that the police would much rather not do anything at all if there is any possibility of avoiding paperwork. Their superiors reward that inactivity (and discourage independent thought and initiative), and in any case if the perps cannot be caught red-handed with blood on their clothes, dna evidence under their nails, shocking video of the crime, dozens of witnesses, and the stolen diamonds all over the backseat of their cars, it is far better and cheaper to ignore the matter.
A trial, if they were actually found guilty, would lead to such light sentencing that they would be out on the street again before their hit was even properly buried.

Tourists might want to keep out of Gouda.

If you get assaulted while visiting the Gouda cheese market, the police will perhaps politely question the perpetrators, and probably write a report about 'an incident'. No names, no witness statements, no arrests, and no fuss.
If you decide to pursue the matter, you had better be prepared to stick around for the trial. And learn Dutch.
Even then, a police department psychologist will probably argue that the boys were traumatized, and should be treated gently, being themselves victims. And they were no doubt bored, due to a lack of appropriate programs for drop-outs.
This defense is almost always successful.

On second thought, forget Gouda, just avoid the Netherlands entirely.
The police are everywhere.



Concerning the incident mentioned above, a Dutch-Moroccan writes "what the hell possesses such people? Don't they understand that they are ruining it for good immigrants? The only choice now is a rigorous approach to the problem by the authorities, and a righteous punishment by a judge. I have little faith that the latter will happen - a cup of tea, a cautionary utterance, and the judge will let them go again. No, set an example!"

[Wat mankeert deze gasten toch? Hebben ze nog niet door dat ze boel op een gigantische manier verpesten voor de goedwillende allochtonen. Wat nu rest is een keiharde aanpak door Justitie en een rechtvaardige straf door een rechter. In dat laatste heb ik eerlijk gezegd geen vertrouwen. Een kopje thee een vermanend woordje en de rechter laat ze weer lopen. Nee stel een voorbeeld!]

My dear Mr. Akkoubi, I too have little faith that there will be aught else than an official tssk tssk.
If even that much.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Perhaps I should not read the Dutch newspapers during lunch. Often it leaves me somewhat nauseated - not usually because of the news items, but rather because of the sick comments of the Dutch readers. Holland is a small, myopic, and obsessive society. And many Dutch are nitpickers and relativators beyond compare. Blinkers and neuroses - the dubious blessings of Dutchness.

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  • At 8:30 PM, Blogger Bob said…

    If it IS Dutch, it ain't much!


  • At 11:56 AM, Blogger GRANT!PATEL! said…

    The Dutch make cheese? I am amazed. I always thought they made obscene profits.

    And lovely whorehouses.

    ---Gribbus van Pronk

  • At 12:24 PM, Blogger GRANT!PATEL! said…

    Not much Dutch. Sutch?

    ---Grant Iamactuallyspirosmakingastupidcomment


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