Sunday, April 28, 2024


The dumplings were fine. Lovely. Should have left it at that. And not augmented them with panfried pickled vegetables chilipaste hot oil, a smoked brat, cheesy crispies, and fine Italian pastry. A slow browsing dinner such as a teenager would eat. The guts, as you probably know, are not a teenager. I enjoyed it going down. The pipe I later smoked outside wandering the neighborhood while dodging drunks and silently sneering was also good.
The coffee I had made upon returning home wore off by nine thirty and I was in bed by ten.
By which time the uproar in the digestive realm was starting.
But it did not interfere with sleep.

[The sneering is a natural result of growing up. Given the age gap, I disapprove of everything. This weather, for instance. I really do need to talk to someone. Back in my day we didn't have weather such as this. Feh, the modern world. Kids!]

Stomach aches are a frequent occurence in the several hours after taking amlodipine besylate. Unfortunately. Nevertheless, modern medicine is truly miraculous.
If I had been born a century ago I would be dead by now.

I had weird dreams last night.

I wonder why.
A good thing to remember is that when you encounter people who are older than, let us say forty years of age, they are probably Karens at heart. Mentally bellyaching. We disapprove of everything, the manager will hear about this, damned car teenagers radicals rightwingers pup tents students bums cheap champagne suburbanites.

Back in my day, sonny boy, unwashed high school drop outs did not get drunk on two dollar dessert wines by eight in the evening. No! Never. They waited till eleven o'clock, and they had been to college! Young people these days just don't have standards!
Well, some college. Intro to Philosphy at Community.

I've grown up. My eating habits haven't.

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