Monday, April 01, 2024


When I got back in, the voice of the turkey vulture greeted me. Had I, it enquired, brought back any fatty inner thighs? There was heartrending wailing when I informed him that I had not. When he goes to the salt flats to be with his people, he informed me, that's all he would eat. Lots of fatty inner thigh, and buckets of fried chicken, and hot apple turnovers with vanilla ice cream! He has rather simple tastes, much like a child.

All the turkey vultures in the salt flats have is dead seagull.
Which he refuses to hear about.

Fatty inner thighs, fried chicken, and hot apple turnovers.
And all the vanilla ice cream he wants!
His gustatory tastes, remarkably, are like both a juvenile white person and an adult pre-mens Cantonese American female.

For some reason he often says that I am too thin, I should eat more.
Fatten up a bit. I look unhealthy.

My thighs are fine, thank you. I feel better than ever.

My apartment mate has taken the day off. So I cannot smoke inside. And I'm planning to head over to Chinatown for some congee (粥) and a fried bread stick (油條) later.
With a few pipes in my coat pocket and tobacco.

Mmm, yummy dead seagull. Slightly deliquescent, soft, and glowing.
It's precisely what every growing turkey vulture needs.
Good for strong bones and shiny feathers.
Yum yum, little guy. Yum yum.

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