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One of the old farts mentioned some place that has a regular singles mixer for people his age, which he describes as 'fifty to eighty years old'. Apparently there were hordes of single women. As well as one woman there who is a hot little number. So he's going again next month. Naturally I wish him well. Anything that will civilize him is welcome.

Some goes for many of the others. They need taming.
Remarkably, some of the old boys are married.

Hard though it is to imagine anyone gladly putting up with them.

Not me, of course, because I have no filthy habits and am a remarkably clean-mouthed chap. My problem is that I just don't talk well with women. The most interesting conversation with the other gender that I've had in recent weeks was with the person whose boss ended up attacked with an axe and needing emergency care. Which was quite fascinating.

Most of my other exchanges with the fairer sex involve food, drink, and disposing of corpses in the back yard or similar things.
I am quite knowledgeable about the first two subjects, and have no major opinions about the last. If your zinnias need fertilizer, sure, why not? On the other hand, some people might look askance if it were found out. Especially the new occupants of the house. Real estate in Marin is tight, if you've priced it reasonably and been flexible about the final price, there will be more time to worry about that, and you might make it all the way to Colombia by then. Depends on depth and soil compactness.

It all seems very suburban. There are reasons why I live in the city.

Zinnias are annuals that bloom throughout the summer and into the fall.
Colourful and visually very distracting. Bees love them.
Right now is the ideal time for planting.

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