Friday, April 26, 2024


That noise outside while I was drifting awake? Turned out to be the streetsweeping vehicle. Not actually an owl. But it had sounded ike an owl, so the mind's ear was fooled. I presume that there are owls in this part of the world, but I have never seen one here. Unlike many other creatures they tend to hide.


Cute fearsome predators that we know from that video clip can outsmart an eagle. So presumable also a number of other raptors. They're pretty high up on the ladder. Because of the owl's association with Athena, it is considered the symbol of wisom and filosophy.

[Athena, mor or less, is the same as Miverva.]

Given its nocturnal habits, it should more properly be seen as the symbol of pizza.
At least in the United States, where we all know pizza.
More than wisdom or filosphy.
Sadly, the Greek place on Polk Street where generations of squiffy invalids late at night stuffed themselves on cheap slices and wedges of spanakopita has changed considerably, and no longer has any connections to the original owners. Since it tried going mainstream as a real restaurant rather than a snarfing spot for nigh time inebriants, I stopped going there. Spanakopita with hot sauce was a delight for many years.

But of course I'm seldom out that late anymore.

I have become an older and wiser man.

Also, Polk Street is a howling wilderness after dark now. I blame the younger generation, loose morals, the Trumpites, and gluten-phobes. As well as many more groups that I dislike for whatever angry old man reason. Walla walla shouting savages! Get off my lawn!

And bring back cheap greasy eats!

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