Monday, April 01, 2024


Konyn konyn; a strange dream involving a minor conference that involved military officers in Arizona, barracks somewhere in Maryland, luggage for both destinations, and the question how many briar pipes should I pack. Plus what tobacco, and how much. And the conclusion that I never did like regional airports, where the questions are likely to be overly suspicious and somewhat startling. If not downright stupid and offensive.

Somehow I ended up posted to an industrial area of Amsterdam just beyond the Oosterdok. Where, remarkably, there is a neighborhood called 'Tutti Frutti Village' (Tuttifruttidorp).
This involved negotiating a lease for three months.

Well, at least the food is good, even if I have to deal with junior engineers and low-level bureaucrats and the weather is awful.
Getting up was easy. I wanted out of that dream. It was getting too complicated, and my irritation at bureaucrats had grown.

Pills, coffee, and a walk with a pipe. When I got back my apartment mate was still asleep in her room, the garbage truck was up the block making a racket. In passing it, I had misread their greenish slogan (綠原再生 'lok yuen joi saang') as boasting that they grew broccoli and sprouts on garbage dumps in Iowa. Where everything is flavourless.

This is as good a start to the day, week, and month, as one could hope for.
There will be a little rain later this week.
It's sunny outside at present.

Rabbit rabbit.

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