Monday, April 15, 2024


Facebook has informed me that something I wished to say about Berkeley and Oakland went against their community standards, and did I really want to risk yet another time out? Well, no. What I really want is for Facebook to examine its own Quisling attitudes and develop some balls, but that's probably never going to happen.

The only people who should visit Berkeley and Oakland are British and Irish tourists. They will be loved by the natives for their perceived hatred of Israel and Jews, as well as their resolute unintelligible screaming every week on the streets of London in favour of Hamas. Robbed and beaten up too, because that's what the Eastbay is all about, but loved.
I may have sarcastically asked if we could nuke Berkeley and Oakland and be done with it. Obviously I did not mean that literally, because we're just across the bay and the fall out and lasting radiation would affect us too. But I wish gluten and fatty meats upon them.
It will make them shrivel.

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Anonymous said...

Berkeley is home to many affordable restaurants though I only frequent one now, Triple Rock Brewery, since they do make delicious hamburgers that I have only once in a while. Yesterday was one such day after a very successful vigil for hostages on a Berkeley pedestrian bridge. Myself and former members of a certain peace group were present, as were a couple dozen new faces. No real issues save for someone’s dog nipping at a passerby on a bicycle, a few F U’s from local Berkeley residents (to be expected), and some wankers screaming the usual pro-hamas nonsense as their vehicles whizzed by on I80.

Today (4/15/24) is already a sht show, eh? Suffice to say I am glad I don’t have to drive anywhere, and can rely on pubic transportation.

The back of the hill said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. Plus meat AND gluten, you old school capitalist oppressor you! I'll have to visit the Triple Rock Brewery sometimes, as I do love a good burger.

Mmmm, meat. Gluten.

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