Thursday, April 25, 2024


So my bright and optimistic idea of getting out of the house relatively early for a haircut, lunch, and afternoon tea, all punctuated by some relaxed pipesmoking (two Dunhills picked out for that, both somewhat chubby billiards) came to absolute naught. What had been a minor stuffy nose yesterday blossomed into a major head cold with shades of minor flu-like symptoms, drooling, sneezing, snottering, and very slight aches in some parts. Even a hot shower did not improve matters, though it did wonders for my mood. Basically, I spent the majority of the day in bed feeling remarkably like a stale slab of pizza.

With occasional trips to my computer and the internet.

That was mainly to pick fights with dreary rightwingers in Nevada, Missouri, and Mississippi. All of them solid Trumpite garbage slagging San Francisco.
Much like Putin's robots.

I may have suggested that certain diseases endemic among cannibals were common among their kinfolk. Hard to tell, as they didn't have a wealth of family and friends.
They might have consumed them already.

Especially the bitch from Baguio.

Whose business failed.
There is probably evidence that drinking bad American beer gradually leads to brain rot.
The breweries have an interest in surpressing the data, for obvious reasons.
Even among morons a loss in points would eventualy be noticed.
Folks locking themselves out of the trailerpark.
An increase in accidental Iowa.

Oh well. A large number of the rabid anti-vaxxers have undoubtedly died by now, hidden among the over two million excess deaths during the pandemic, so we're ahead.
Some of those goobers probably injected bleach directly into their veins.
Or snorted aquarium cleaners and horse tranquilizers.

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